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We have decades of individual and collaborative experience here. We either know how to do it, can invent a solution, or know a gal. Ask us — if nothing else we can be a conduit — and a force for good. We’re an interesting bunch, East Coast/West Coast and MidWest, with a different approach that has proven to be a very successful model. We get along, we’re funny, loving, and we truly invest in the work that we create with you as if it were our very own. Trust the process

Jason Chapin, designer, programmer
Pamela Crews, content writer, copy editor, designer
Zip Lehnus, voice, copywriter, designer
Jay LeRoy, fine art, design for music and print
Ira Marlowe, singer/songwriter, music producer, venue owner, designer
Lita Mikrut, publisher, photographer, digital doula
Tk Takeshi Kiyoshi Sakuma, designer, visionary
Alex Star, copy/content writer, astrologer, idea guy
Aiesha Ware, bookkeeper
Stan Williams Jr.